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Thunderbird is a free and open-source software project founded in 2003 to make organizing and communicating easier. We are supported by the talent and donations of thousands of generous individuals and are backed by Mozilla. Essential values guide us and make our work relevant. Read further to learn more.




Guided by Values

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You are not the product.

To us, data ownership and privacy are your right wherever you live. Our commitment to your personal data is simple:

  • We do not collect or store it unless you ask us to.
  • We take great care to keep it safe from misuse.
  • We will never sell it.
  • You retain ownership and control of it.
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Thunderbird belongs to you (and the world).

Thunderbird is Free and Open-Source Software, which means its code is available to see, modify, use, and share freely. Its license also ensures that it will remain free forever. You can think of Thunderbird as a gift from thousands of contributors to you.

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You have a part in Thunderbird's future.

Thunderbird is free from the commercial requirements and incentives that often guide software development. Anyone can get involved in helping make Thunderbird better and available to more people. A contributor-elected council ensures Thunderbird remains true to its values and mission.

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Driven by Community

Anyone can help make Thunderbird better. Programmers can contribute features they are passionate about or improve the existing code. Those who are multilingual can make Thunderbird accessible to everyone. Those willing can test new versions of Thunderbird and document issues. There are many ways to become part of a thriving community that makes Thunderbird unique. And if you don't have the time to volunteer, you can help support the project through donations.

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Our Contributors

Supported by Mozilla

Thunderbird operates as a for-profit subsidiary of the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. This grants us flexibility in hiring and offering optional paid services to sustain Thunderbird's development of free and open-source software far into the future.

We have a growing team of talented individuals employed to support the efforts of our contributor community, interface with partner organizations, and maximize the reach of Thunderbird throughout the world.

Alessandro Castellani
Andrei Hajdukewycz
Brendan Abolivier
Chris Aquino
Heather Ellsworth
Ikey Doherty
Jason Evangelho
Joseph Bass
Kai Engert
Laurel Terlesky
Magnus Melin
Malini Das
Margaret Baker
Martin Giger
Melissa Autumn
Micah Ilbery
Natalie Ivanova
Roland Tanglao
Vineet Deo
Wolf Montwé

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